Plan Services and Mobilize Teams from One App

Our holistic approach mirrors the unity of the church, helping you to foster a lifestyle of worship.

Plan Services
Mobilize Teams
Rehearse Sets

Subtle Innovations, Profound Transformations

We've infused familiar processes with small but powerful innovations, resulting in something truly remarkable and one-of-a-kind. That means less time building plans, and more time building people.

Our Holistic Approach

You shouldn't have to download multiple apps from your church-tech provider to make sure your whole church is unified. Our single-app approach brings Worship Services to the same app as teams, small groups, and your church database.



Givers can cover fees and easily setup recurring gifts with this full donor management system.

Church Management (ChMS)

An amazing ChMS that's fully integrated with all products on the StoreHouse platform.

Worship Planning

The easiest and most holistic way to plan services, schedule teams, & rehearse in ONE app.

Growth Track

Build a growth track, measure your wins, and grow your church.

Teams Schedules

Schedule volunteers, block out dates, and mobilize teams.

Small Groups

Communicate with and manage your small groups.

Event Registration

Transform your event management with our powerful and easy to use tools.

Team Chat

True in-app team chats.

Planning Hub

Easily create multiple plans from scratch, templates, or existing services.

The platform you can trust.

Unify your church.

Maximize your team's happiness and productivity with StoreHouse. Take a few minutes to learn more about how our solutions can add value to your ministry. Schedule a demo now and experience firsthand the powerful benefits we offer.